Mahalo plenty Heath

As you can easily see, blogging is a new thing for me. My website is barely a month old too. However I’ve been sending out an email newsletter for about a year now, with each one sharing a link or two on something interesting I’ve found on the web (recent newsletters can be found archived on my SLC website). Several times people have asked me, “how do you find these things?” and I want to give credit where credit is due to one of my favorite blog authors, Heath Row at Fast Company. I visit the FC Weblog almost daily because I’m so sure Heath is going to deliver. He writes terrific posts and he invites great guest authors. Last week it was Keith Yamashita, author of Unstuck.

This was the gem Heath posted last Tuesday” click here. He shares an exceptional speech by Dan Pink, author of Free Agent Nation. (The Free Agent Nation link in his post will take you to another FC article, see my Books and Authors List for the book.)

All I remember about the commencement speech at my college graduation was that it was long and boring. I don’t even remember who gave it. It was a typical Hawaii summer and we were hot and impatient. Dan Pink’s speech is a jewel loaded with take-away nuggets of wit and wisdom, and he was magnificent in tailoring it to his audience. I’d be interested in hearing what you take away.